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Desktape Pro 5.7

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This program lets you use the Macintosh Finder to copy files directly to a tape volume.

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30 days

No other tape backup utility allows such easy access to gigabytes of data, graphic images, or digital audio or video files.

Additional data can be easily added at any time until the tape is full. Then, simply re-initialize it to use it over again. The program uses a custom erase tape dialog that replaces the standard Finder erase disk dialog. This allows you to specify tape-specific settings like hardware data compression when initializing tapes.

The program supports extended HFS volumes available since Mac OS 8.1. This increases the available capacity and speed of tape volumes.

It also eliminates the need to send along a separate disk containing the tape's directory, because the tape's directory is temporarily stored on your hard disk and automatically copied to the tape when it is ejected. A copy of the control panel allows other drives to read any volume.


    This version is for Mac OS 9.2.1 and Mac OS 9.2.2.