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HTTP Monitor with VNOS 1.0

file size: 5.08 MB

This program opens a TCP port and tracks open, listen and close times.

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Trial Period:
30 day

The results are displayed in an easy-to-read VU meter that visually tracks the actual opening and serving times against the threshold times you have set.

You can customize the HTTP Monitor by adjusting the default settings for:

  • Web server being monitored
  • Opening time thresholds values
  • Serving time thresholds values
  • Testing intervals

You can extend the functionality of the HTTP Monitor by connecting the Standard Out to a VNOS Mail Sender or a VNOS TCP Port Widget for notification or restarting a server. Both are included in an inventory of more than 34 programming blocks called Widgets. In addition, you can even post the latencies to a log file using the File Manipulator Widget.