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PostArmor 1.3

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This tool helps you keep your electronic mailbox free of spam.

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Classic / OS X

It looks at the relevant parts of e-mail before it leaves the mail server and lets the legitimate messages pass through undisturbed while leaving suspect messages on the server. They are, in effect, invisible to the e-mail client. These messages can be re-examined later or just deleted after a given period of time.

This works as a POP3 e-mail proxy with support for POP and IMAP servers and as a result, it's compatible with all e-mail readers.


For users that have PostArmor installed already and use Mac OS 9; substituting the jar file with the latest release will allow you to run the latest version.


  • MRJ 2.2.5 and Swing 1.1.1 with Mac OS 9
  • Or, Mac OS X