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SmartSound® Movie Maestro 1.01

file size: 9.94 MB

This is a soundtrack creation program that lets you easily create movie-quality soundtracks for any video project, regardless of music knowledge or computer skills.

Published by:
Trial Period:
30 days
Classic / OS X

The software includes a professionally recorded music library with themes especially suited for home videos.

A simple three-step process lets you import video files, add music with the intuitive Maestro "wizard," and save the final soundtrack as a WAV file or combine it with the movie. The program creates well-timed, fully produced arrangements with complete musical endings, not mere fade-outs, to give your movies a professional "Hollywood" sound.


The download link takes you to a page on the Sonic Desktop Web site where you can download the Movie Maestro application as well as view introductory videos, sample music, and read FAQs and release notes.


    Mac OS 9.0 or greater
    16MB RAM (24MB recommended)
    16MB hard disk
    QuickTime 5 (provided)
    CarbonLib 1.4 (provided)