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DeskLook 3.2

file size: 1.31 MB

This program reads data directly from Outlook and displays it on the desktop which becomes interactive.

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42 days
98 / NT / 2k / Me / XP
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It resembles the Outlook Today data view with addition of a 3-month calendar. Appointments in the calendar list, tasks in the task list and folders in the message list are displayed according to the setting Outlook Today. You can double click on an appointment to open it in Outlook, or double click on contacts link to bring up Outlook Contacts.

DeskLook offers two data views - fixed central and customizable side bar - in three different styles with changeable transparency, and works even if Outlook is not started. You can hide data without exiting the program or hide data automatically when the computer is locked. DeskLook is able to start your Outlook so you can use its launch on startup option to have both programs automatically started each time you switch on your computer. In addition, the program features an option to popup the central data view temporarily on top of the screen.


  • Microsoft Outlook 2000 or XP