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Firium 1.0

file size: 1.04 MB

To simplify EQ construction, this program provides a multitude of features not found on other EQs.

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Classic / OS X

In addition to drawing an EQ curve freehand, users can activate the coupling feature to easily create smooth and more traditionally shaped EQ curves. With the extensive history, accessed through an intuitive history slider, users can quickly compare the effects of many different EQs on their audio. The integrated spectrum analyzer makes it easy to visualize target areas and see the results of created EQs.

The program equalizes without the phase distortion or smearing effects of conventional equalizers, and its use is not limited to mastering. Though linear phase processing is much more demanding than traditional EQ, this program provides the versatility and benefits of linear phase EQ while making efficient use of the computer processor.


  • MacOS 9 or X
  • VST-compatible host application