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Zodiacal Releasing 1.48

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Zodiacal Aphesis was an ancient astrological technique used by Vettius Valens (circa 150 - 170 C.E.) to find the important times in an individual\'s life for matters regarding what astrologers call the parts of fortune and spirit.

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This program allows for experimentation with other subjects as well (represented by the other Arabic parts -- more appropriately called Greek lots). A user with advanced knowledge of astrology will be able see the quality of the times for the subject.

Help files will bring you up to speed on the basics. Up to 200 major periods are allowed, covering a span of about 3,500 years for research in mundane astrology. Three types of aphesis are available to account for all possible interpretations of the method, including Valens use of 27 years and months for Capricorn and the use of the 360-day Egyptian year.

Major and sub periods are displayed in the list box on the right after entering the date from which to begin the releasing, the number of major periods to calculate and the starting sign, which presumably contains one of the Greek lots or Arabic parts. The third and fourth level sub periods are then found by double clicking the sub period displayed in the list box from which you want more information, the results of which are displayed in a second pop-up window.