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KoalaCalc 4.3.1

file size: 1.67 MB

In its compacted state, this multi-purpose calculator for Mac OS X looks similar to the standard calculator that comes with Mac OS X.

However, click the advanced button and KoalaCalc becomes a scientific, conversion, statistical and expression calculators. The calculator features the following: numerous mathematical functions including trig and log functions plus 10 individual memory banks, conversion to and from dozens of units; currency conversions, which can be updated via Internet to current International Monetary Fund exchange rates; basic statistical calculations on up to 10 data sets including t-tests and analysis of variance (ANOVA); built-in tape recorder; voice recognition input; voice feedback; built-in expression calculator which supports brackets and the order of operations rules; probability calculator computes exact p value based on the F distribution, with or without epsilon correction; customizable constants menu; No second function button - all features have their own button; and keyboard shortcuts.