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EasyLicenser 2.0

file size: 3.72 MB

This native Java software license manager is appropriate for both the ISV and the end-user.

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30 Days

It includes e-commerce and customer relationship management functionality. It protects your Java programs on all platforms, and it protects C/C++ programs on Windows, HPUX, Linux and Solaris. It also supports Visual Basic 6 programs on Windows.

Most common license types are supported, and you can customize the licensing options to meet your own requirements. Common hard-enforcement schemes are built-in, and sample code is available for others. The program includes anti-spoofing mechanisms.

The e-commerce features allow you to issue and maintain end-user licenses over the Web, automatically and without intervention. You can import and export customer, product and license-key data in a variety of formats, including XML, for post-processing and data interchange with contact manager and relational database systems.