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EZP3P 2.20

file size: 4.71 MB

This XML application has several modes of operation.

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98 / 2k / Me / XP
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Evaluation mode is the most basic mode of operation. EZP3P runs in evaluation mode if it has not been registered. While in evaluation mode EZP3P cannot enter its online mode and it will not allow the P3P XML it generates to be copied into the clipboard for use in other Web design tools.

Offline Mode is the default mode when running an evaluation copy of EZP3P. Once EZP3P has been registered the P3P XML generated can be copied into the clipboard for inclusion in another utility.

If online mode is selected several pieces of additional information are asked for. This information includes FTP username, FTP password and the name of the server that your Web site domain is hosted upon.

Once all the privacy information has been collected EZP3P will attempt to make an FTP connection to your domain. If any problems are encountered during this online update mode the program will immediately switch to offline mode and the generated P3P XML will be displayed in three clipboard ready text boxes.