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Amazeing 6.00

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This is a 3D maze walkthrough game.

Published by:
98 / NT / 2k / XP / 95 / 2003

Your goal is to find the exit without being slimed by evil mucus. Mazes range from small, 2D layouts to 25x25x25 3D labyrinths.

You can customize the look and gameplay to suit your mood and skill. Set the color scheme to one of the nine pre-sets, or use your own. You can choose your own viewpoint, and a number of hints are available.

The distance indicator tells you just how far you are from the exit, so you can tell if you are getting closer or further away. A compass lets you know the direction you are facing, and the mud map automatically keeps track of where you've been.

The random transportation factor lets you set the probability of suddenly being transported somewhere else in the maze.