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1-Click SignupShield Suite 5.1

file size: 3.25 MB

SignupShieldtm is a unique & popular password manager.

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30 Days
2k / Me / XP / 2003 / Vista
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With over 18 Million copies shipped to date. With its cutting edge technology, SignupShield is leading the pack with up to date features required in today�s ever changing security challenges. With SignupShield installed on any portable drive (like U3) you can take your secrets, fully encrypted, with you. SignupShield handles multi-step sign-in procedures, where you are asked for an account name in step 1, an ever changing security question in step 2 and finally a password in step 3. SignupShield is the only password manager that can tackle those complex login requirements, both during capture and auto-fill. You no longer have to worry about fraudulent emails impersonating your bank website. SignupShield can alert you when the data you fill-in is about to be sent to a suspicious website. You can now fill-in your passwords to login forms without typing a single character. Even the master password of SignupShield is protected from key loggers. Your secrets (passwords, credit cards and other personal data) can be stored within encrypted files protected by a single master password know only to you. SignupShield will automatically make use of your stored online passwords when you need them, only after you login to SignupShield. While other password managers capture and fill login forms, SignupShield goes one step further. It recognizes password change forms. It can fill in an old password and generate, fill and capture a new password � all with 1-click. With SignupShield you can fill any form with just a single click. Any data, any form. SignupShield is smart. Unlike other form fillers, it can recognize the context of a form (contact, billing, shipping) and fill it out correctly. When signing up to a website, SignupShield can automatically create a one off, alias email address, and fill it into the sign-up form. This patented technology allows you to stop spam, sent by misbehaving websites, at any time.