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PowerGREP 3.1.0

file size: 3.60 MB

This grep tool searches for a piece of information through files and folders on your computer, even if you do not know in advance exactly what you are looking for.

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14 Days
98 / NT / 2k / Me / XP / 2003
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Regular expression support allows you to search for virtually anything by specifying the form of what you want, and letting PowerGREP find the actual text.

Search results appear as a clickable list. Double-click on any of the search matches to open the file in which the text was found.

With search-and-replace functionality, you can perform text and binary replacement operations for file maintenance. You can also preview the results of the search-and-replace. You can perform several search-and-replace operations on the same files.

A collect feature gathers statistics from any kind of archive or log file. You can extract information from raw Web logs that your analyzer does not provide.

The documentation that is included with PowerGREP contains a detailed tutorial to regular expressions, with both simple and complex examples.