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iMagic Inventory Software 4.41

file size: 16.34 MB

"Hi Bob!" "Hi Ian!

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7 / 2k / XP / Vista
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Well it's that time again, what are we looking at this week?" "Well we've got a gem for you Ian, inventory management!" "So what's new, we know it's hard and expensive." "Not anymore Bob, that is the beauty of this latest update from iMagic Inventory. It's their leading inventory management system and it's packed with new easy to use features." "Wow that sounds great Ian, those are the guys that have been working on inventory management systems for 15 years." "Those are the ones, and the tech heads have done it again with another release of there system." "So what's new?" "A lot! Easy to create invoices, easier management of inventory, new stock check features, user management and a whole heap of fixes and minor updates that make this one smoooooth update!" "Getting into a bit of Jazz their Ian?" "Well I tried!" "Maybe stick to the software reviews!" "Ha! I think that may be wise!"