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PresSTORE 3.1.5

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PresSTORE combines all requirements of a holistic and integrated data management system.

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With PresSTORE data is managed from its creation, followed by the necessary backup and up to its archiving. It�s modular design allows optimal adaptation to customer requirements. In case of continuously growing production data volume customers can easily add further modules or server and clients. This offers customers more flexibility, more security, more efficient storage, an optimal engagement of resources and a considerable reduction of costs. PresSTORE comprises three modules: PresSTORE Synchronize, PresSTORE Backup and PresSTORE Archive.

PresSTORE Backup

PresSTORE Backup is a fully automatic backup and restore solution. It provides all the necessary functions to ensure an optimal backup of production data and offers numerous possibilities to cope with diverse user requirements. High capability and high reliability, the modular and scalable design and cross-platform support are only some of the numerous features of PresSTORE Backup.

PresSTORE Synchronize

PresSTORE Synchronize is a solution for synchronizing media data. In many segments of companies, simple data backup mechanisms are not sufficient to secure your uninterrupted production, for which the data must be immediately available virtually all the time. A backup to tapes or to a disc cannot meet this requirement. PresSTORE Synchronize closes this security hole. Data are duplicated near real-time which ensure a maximum of data security.

PresSTORE Archive

PresSTORE Archive is a solution for archiving data. PresSTORE allows you to easily and efficiently tag and describe your data, both before and after archiving. Depending on the volume of your data, performance and security requirements, tape or optical media can be employed.