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KDE 3.1.2

KDE Base is the base package for KDE, a desktop environment designed to provide an easy-to-use environment for UNIX-based operating systems.

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The program was created to provide functions similar to environments found under Microsoft Windows and Mac OS.

This package provides window managers, a panel, a file manager and other basic utilities. It also contains high-quality wallpapers and configuration files for basic setup of KDE.

One of the more popular programs in this package is a powerful display manager that allows for easy graphical logins.

KDE allows the beginner to run Linux like a pro. The one drawback to KDE is the fact that it is a resource hog. Still, most people who love KDE don't care, since most computers come with plenty of resources to spare.

If you are looking for a minimal window manager, you've come to the wrong place. However, if you are looking for an extensive and stable, high-quality desktop environment, this is for you.


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