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WaveBox 1.1

file size: 3.51 MB

This is an integrated software synthesizer workstation.

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98 / NT / 2k / Me / XP
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All the common elements of electronic music production studios are provided. This includes an enhanced TB303-like bass synth, polyphonic synthesisers, a digital drum machine with loadable drum kits, a dual FX processor, a digital sampler, sequencer and direct to disk recorder. It offers a tutorial complete with graphics and an example workspace.

The two 64 voice (256 oscillators in total) polyphonic synths simulate classic analogue synths. A 24db resonant low pass filter is provided, one per voice (up to 128 across the two synths). In addition PWM and FM are also implemented to give rich classic sounds.

The drum machine features its own pattern sequencer that supplements the main eight-track pattern sequencer. The bass synthesizer features an arpeggiator, which is synchronized to the master internal clock.

The sampler features one filter per voice, modulatable samples, an integrated sample storage format as well as a sample viewer together with playback and loop configuration.


The trial period is unlimited; however, saving is disabled and the product shuts down after 15 minutes.


  • DirectX 8.0 or higher