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Kimdom Come 2.0

file size: 17.85 MB

In this game you use your missiles to fend off détente with the puppets of the south.

Published by:
Classic / OS X

With Roh and his sunshine policy out of the way, you won't have to suffer his donations of food and oil ever again. Blasting aid, waving at parades, eliminating traitorous traitors, destroying your own cities is fun north of the DMZ.

Aside from the busy task of protecting cities from menacing gifts of energy and nourishment from your Imperialist enemies, the Dear Leader is faced with difficult policy choices. Should you wait until your last city defects, or nuke it first? Or are your objectives better met by just blowing up the sun?

Although the action will become fast and furious, victory is surely within the grasp of a Dear Leader whose official biography notes that his birth was marked by a new star, and who composed six operas, designed the Juche Tower and invented the tractor.


  • Mac OS 8.6 or better, or Mac OS X