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TclPro 1.5 Intel

file size: 15.65 MB

The Tcl Dev Kit boosts Tcl programmers' productivity with a code checker and a graphical debugger.

Published by:
Open Source

It also makes it easy to package and distribute Tcl applications, and it protects source code from copying and alterations. It incorporates several popular open source extensions with for object-oriented programming. It also includes Expect, for automating repetitive tasks and extending the lifecycle of legacy applications and TclX, for added powerful utilities and system support.

TclPro started as a commercial product sold by Scriptics, but following its acquisition by Interwoven, it was made open source. ActiveState continued commercial development on TclPro, recently releasing Tcl Dev Kit, which extends the functionality of the original TclPro tool set with tool UIs, code coverage and hotspot profiling, and Tcl 8.4 support.