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View Folder Size Pro 5.00

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View Folder Size Pro is the next generation of the popular add-on utility for Windows platforms.

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14 Days
2k / XP / 2003
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Unlike the standard edition, the Pro goes beyond merely viewing the total file or folder size. It enables real-time monitoring of folder sizes, and provides notification and correction when the size reaches a defined limit. The program operates incredibly fast and does not reduce your computers performance.

Because View Folder Size Pro perfectly integrates with Windows Explorer, it comprehensively outperforms the majority of competing programs, which are supplied as stand-alone utilities and constitute poor imitations of Windows Explorers interface and behavior. The Pro edition lets you choose a size unit (KB, MB, etc) or auto mode to enable the program to choose the best available option. It sets the decimal digits capacity and a digit grouping symbol, and illustrates the folder size in relation to its parent folder with bar graphs containing size information.

When the size of a selected folder reaches its limit, View Folder Size Pro can launch a pop-up alert. When your documents folder hits the designated disc size, the program can also automatically launch a CD burner. An intelligent piece of software, it understands environment variables and can establish complicated alerts and actions suited to almost any scenario.

This powerful application blends with Explorer and can be accessed simply by clicking on the toolbar icon. The Pros powerful combination of high performance, real-time size information, and rich, user-friendly customization options distinguishes it from all other similar software.

MAIN FEATURES: * Real-time monitoring of folder size * Monitored folders marked with magnifier icon * Size limit alerts * Automatic actions * Support for command-line options and environment variables * High-speed performance * Integration with Windows Explorer * Native x64 architecture support * Customization flexibility * Data visualization