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CoMa X Voice/Pro 7.1

file size: 1.40 MB

This is a fax, answering machine and voice-on-demand system.

Published by:
Trial Period:
30 Days
Classic / OS X

You can use it to send and receive faxes via modem, as long as the modem supports fax-class 2. You can send faxes even with modems that only support fax-class 1. FaxSTF, PICT and PDF files are supported.

The program also acts as an answering machine for voice modems with IS-101, Rockwell, ZyXEL and USR command sets. You can create time, weekday, MSN and situation-dependent voice messages.

The fax and voice-on-demand part of the program supports an unlimited number of voice messages and faxes, which can be recalled by DTMF-tone. You can keep statistics on recalls, and voice messages can be pieced together from multiple voice files.