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Advanced Team Scheduler 7.5

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This is a tool for people who organize sporting events.

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It can organize an unlimited number of teams for an unlimited number of games. Simply fill the requested information into the wizard-like interface, and Advanced Team Scheduler automates the season, tournament, league, match and round-robin schedule.

The program schedules games with any user-specified combination of dates and times, regular or irregular. The scheduler supports scheduling time generation algorithms to produce schedules with a efficient and compressed chronological ordering.

The program handles single and multiple round robin schedules, in addition to custom, single and double-elimination tournaments. Schedules can vary over dates, and team and location-specific constraints can be applied. Interactive reports can be generated for every schedule, and the reports can include a quality ratio score, the number of games per team, the number of home and away games, home and away patterns for each team, a confrontation chart depicting the number of games each team plays against it's rivals, and the home and away pattern for rivals.


  • Java Runtime Environment 1.3 or higher or JDK 1.3 or higher