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Popcorn 1.99.2

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Popcorn is a lightweight and portable email client for Windows.

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7 / XP / 2003 / Vista / 2008 Server
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It works as a client/server application, reading mail "directly" from POP servers (all downloaded mail is stored in memory only). Send and receive mail using secure SSL encrypted server connections. Ideally suited for "on the road" mail access, for scanning, reading and sending mail over slow connections. Supports multiple email accounts, enabling you to read and send mail from any number of servers. Requires no installation, no data is saved locally other than a portable .INI file containing email account information and program settings. Ideal for cleaning up POP accounts, removing spam, unwanted mail, large attachments etc... Immune to all forms of email attachment and HTML viruses/scripts/trojans because it does not display or run received attachments and/or HTML. Received mail can be scanned for useful content without downloading it completely (only the top N lines are fetched) and attachments can be downloaded and saved only when needed. The built-in mail editor and address book enables you to compose and send new mail with or without file attachments, reply to, forward and re-direct received mail using SMTP or (E)SMTP with authentication. Supports and fits easily on all portable media, making it easy to carry around at all times. Using the Email Message (.eml) format (RFC 5322), you can easily import mail composed, saved or sent from Popcorn into other popular email clients.