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XLitePro 2.1

file size: 13.98 MB

This is an X Windows software package allowing you to connect to many different UNIX/Linux environments including RedHat, Solaris, OpenVMS, HPUX, AIX, IRIX, SuSE and Mandrake.

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30 Days
2k / XP / 2003 / Vista
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XLitePro allows Window displays in single, full and multiple modes, and provides control on selecting your local and remote window managers including Gnome, CDE, KDE, Motif and Open Look. Features include the latest X11R6 release and various startups. XLitePro provides full International keyboard support including a keysym editor, 2 and 3 button mouse and wheel mouse support. Copy-and-paste between Windows and X Windows and true color depth is support. It also provides Multiple Monitor Support, GLX Extension support, and LBX-enhanced for X Applications. This allows increased speeds over a slow network or connection using a dial-up or modem.