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ACEmessage 1.6

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We have developed ACEmessage with one goal in mind.

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2k / XP / 2003 / Vista
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Get information to users desktops as quickly as possible. This is different to instant messaging chat programs that are available for people to exchange general messages to each other. This is a one-way messaging solution which is designed for information to be distributed from a central point (and quickly!).

ACEmessage is a Desktop Messaging System which allows the user to send messages and information directly to the desktop of receiving computers. It is a completely simple, friendly front-end which allows any user with basic computer skills to send a message direct to computer desktops across your organisation in a targeted manor. Messages can contain rich formatted text with pictures, and can contain any information you wish to send. Some companies use ACEmessage for:

ICT Service Information (Server downtime, etc) Health and Safety Notifications Fire Drill Alarms Building Evacuation Sales and Finance Daily Target Updates Daily Message of the Day And many more

Being a one way messaging system, the sending user has all the control on how the message is displayed to the recipients. The recipients only have a range of simple options once the message is displayed. Therefore the goal of delivery information quickly across your organisation is fast, efficient and accurate.

For example, your company suffers a critical server/application loss. Your Helpdesk will be swamped with calls and users will continue to complain until they know what is happening.

With ACEmessage, your Helpdesk (or anyone you require) can send out a message to the effected users explaining the problem and that ICT are working on a resolution. Users are kept immediately informed of the problem and subsequent resolution. The message from the helpdesk immediately appears on users desktops, and therefore has many advantages over the standard email process.