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AuctionGenie 4.0

file size: 8.90 MB

AuctionGenie is a Mac OS X-based program that manages selling, bidding, tracking, and related activities for items listed on the eBay online trading web site at

Trial Period:
30 Days

You can use it to create and submit your own listings (including eBay Store listings), automate bidding at specified times, track the status of items you're interested in (even those for which you have not yet placed bids), prepare transaction reports, send feedback, and manage post-auction transactions such as payment and delivery.

Almost all bidding and selling operations you can do directly on the eBay web site you can do with AuctionGenie, but you can do it faster and more efficiently and you can keep the auction information around as long as you like. For example, you can easily process multiple requests with a single mouse click -- sending bids, submitting new auctions, sending feedback, or notifying winning bidders.

At the core of AuctionGenie is a full-featured database that allows you to track auction activity offline. This database features all the characteristics you need to process your auction data -- sorting, searching, printing, and so on. Further, the auction data never disappears until you explicitly delete it, allowing you to keep historical information on hand that can be useful for generating financial reports or identifying market trends.

AuctionGenie supports the eBay Web Services API and has been certified by eBay as an eBay Compatible Application. This means that AuctionGenie can list auctions reliably and very quickly, and is not sensitive to changes eBay frequently makes to the look of its web site.