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Scrolling Game Development Kit 1.4.3

file size: 5.13 MB

This game-creation software excels at creating side-scrolling 2D platform-style games, and can be used for other kinds of 2D games as well.

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98 / 2k / Me / XP / 95
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The program also supports customization through the use of VBScript. Script is used primarily to customize games themselves, but can also interact with the development environment to assist game authors. A number of features are integrated into one program. The graphics editor allows you to create tile and sprite graphics on-the-fly, or import them from other sources. It supports anti-alaised rotation and smoothing. The map editor allows you to place tiles and sprites on multi-layered parallax scrolling maps. It has a built-in maze generator and supports extremely large maps that can have millions of tiles (containing a total pixel count in the billions). Extensive context-sensitive online help keeps you well-informed on how to use every feature of every window. Multiple tutorials are available in the help menu, and over 250KB of HTML content on using the embedded scripting support is included. Wizards are available to help generate script and installers for your games. The runtime engine exhibits particularly smooth scrolling and other features important for platform games. Most multimedia formats supported by Media Player are allowed.