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Girder Pro 4.0

file size: 14.30 MB

This program controls and automates multimedia applications such as WinAmp and Windows Media Player.

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30 Days
98 / NT / 2k / Me / XP / 95 / 2003
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Using an infrared receiver and wireless devices you can control programs and hardware devices. Girder works by linking a wide variety of input devices, such as handheld remotes and keyboards, to commands which can control Windows programs or hardware devices. With a hand held remote, you can have complete control over your computer. An extensive library of controls is available for download on the Girder Web site. Girder works with many IR receivers including the USB-UIRT, TIRA, and IRTrans.

For more advanced users, Girder's event driven programming environment allows for automation applications. Girder's scripting language, Lua, provides a way to create programs that can perform advanced tasks including database access, file operations, XML processing, Windows management and instrumentation, and Internet data retrieval. Girder receives events from an unlimited number of sources including the Window's operating system, Window's applications, even across networks and the Internet, and hardware devices.