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RS232 Com Monitor 4.0

file size: 1.10 MB

This is a tool for monitoring, troubleshooting and logging RS232 communication.

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30 days
98 / NT / 2k / XP
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A laptop PC, USB/RS232 hub and RS232M give you a powerful, portable and sturdy tool to aid in designing and logging RS232, full duplex, data between peripherals and hosts. RS232M can be used on any PC with Microsoft Windows 95 or greater, also, data can be collected from another program using RS232 on the same PC. Data can be saved to disk with time stamp information and any name you choose. Data can be logged in hex or ASCII format. RS232 data is logged in time stamp intervals from 50ms to 5s. RS232 data that enters the com port during that interval is logged with that time stamp. Later the data can be examined and relative timing can be established.