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This program allows you to play live online chess.

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98 / NT / 2k / Me / XP / 95 / 2003
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You can also observe others play or chat. The chessboard allows you to make moves with your mouse, shows which moves are legal and lets you scroll through the moves in your game. You can also draw illustrative lines or circles on your board that observers will be able to see.

You can choose to earn a rating on or play unrated games. Chesslink keeps track of your ratings for each of the variations of chess - Standard, Blitz, Crazy House, Fischer Random and Losers. For those of us who cannot lose fast enough, Chesslink lets you play up to 5 games at the same time, with varying opponents and time controls.

You may create your own private chat room and invite other players and friends into it. You can place other players in your friends list to know when they are online. The 20 most recent games you play are stored on the server for recall and you can add any game to your library for permanent storage and recall, including others' games. In addition to live chat, you may leave messages for players in their message box. You can look at other players' profiles and see their ratings, lag stats, game library and personal notes. Chesslink protects you against losing from lag or unintentional disconnections. You can log back in within a minute and automatically resume your game.