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Proxy Sniffer Load Test Tool 4.0-K

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Proxy Sniffer is a professional and easy to use Web load and stress testing tool which allows to measure the response time and the stability of web applications under real load conditions - by simulating hundreds or thousands of web users.

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14 Days
NT / 2k / XP / 2003
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No scripting or programming is required and no editing of configuration files is necessary - all functionalities are directly accessible from the high-performance, user friendly GUI. The product contains an integrated HTTP/S Web session recorder and supports during recording as well as during test execution all authentication methods like HTML forms, NTLM and X509 client certificates. Proxy Sniffer supports also to handle dynamically exchanged session parameters like .NET VIEWSTATE or J2EE URL-rewriting. After the end of every test, there are over 17 different diagrams and statistics available. Results from different load tests can be graphically compared to each other, allowing the efficiency of tuning measures to be verified.