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2004 kManager - Knowledge Management System 2004

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As a knowledge management software tool, kManager allows you to create an unlimited number of document repositories with version control for multiple attachments.

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kManager delivers knowledge management with discussion forums. An unlimited number of forums, sub- forums, with or without response threading, may be created. Forums can be bookmarked and monitored, and responses can be edited for correction after being posted. Responses can be ranked for usefulness and searched by field as a means to mine useful information or identify organizational experts.

kManager provides a way to share files using a Web browser. Integrated within the knowledge management software platform is the ability create hierarchical relationship between people. Multiple relationships can be created to capture the needs of a matrix organization.

kManager knowledge management software uses extensible templates to provide any number of knowledge base areas as required. The program comes integrated with a search feature that provides specialized search across all kManager knowledge management application templates. It allows you to search for people across your organization and sub-organizations based on their profile information.


  • Typical Java Web server