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Distant Suns - Desktop Planetarium 6.0

file size: 12.04 MB

This desktop planetarium includes movies of Neil Armstrong's walk on the moon and the launch of Apollo 11.

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98 / NT / 2k / Me / XP
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You can also fly in 3D over the surface of Mars, take a trip to Pluto or a galaxy far away. Distant Suns has more than 16 million stars in the star catalog. You can see the night sky at the time you were born, print out star charts, create AVI movie sequences, look down on our solar system from outer places or use the 3D navigator. Distant Suns uses telescope plugins, so you may also use the program to find celestial bodies in the night sky using your favorite telescope. Distant Suns can be set up to recognize your home town and the real landscape profiles can be selected to show you far away places.


  • DirectX 9