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Emergence 0.8

file size: 4.28 MB

Each player of this game, once they have connected to a server, controls a spacecraft.

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The craft can rotate 360 on the spot, thrust in the direction it is currently facing and brake to slow down. All players playing on the server are present in the same map. A map consists largely of walls that will damage a craft's shield if they are flown into. A craft's shield is also damaged by weapons being fired at it and crashing into other craft. Once a player's shield is completely diminished, the craft is destroyed and the craft is respawned for the player somewhere else in the map in perfect condition. If the destruction of the craft was directly caused by another player, then that player gains a frag. If a player destroys their own craft, they lose a frag. When the match is over, the player with the most frags has won.


  • Duron or Pentium Pro processor
  • Athlon XP or Pentium 4 recommended
  • 64MB RAM (256MB recommended)
  • 10MB hard drive space (20MB recommended)