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CD Splash 1

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CD Splash is a program for everyone (beginner and advanced) who want to impress his friends.

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98 / NT / 2k / Me / XP / 95 / 2003
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By putting this program on your CDs an amazing splash will appear every time you run the CD. You can choose to automatically display an image, to play a sound file (wav, mp3, midi...), to start a program or multimedia file (for example a movie with you saying 'hello' to every person who run your CD).

Features of CD Splash: - the splash has a low load time (almost instantly) - it works with relative paths - program is very small and doesn't need DLLs, OCX, VBRuntimes or other external files - it works with JPG, BMP, EMF files and any type of multimedia files - CDSplash is instructed through a script file (an INI file), but you don't have to know ABSOLUTELY nothing about programming. - the splash settings (INI) process is done in a true graphical and user friendly interface (an INI-Editor) - it is really small - it is freeware

The INI-EDITOR generates the script files and the 'Autorun.INF' file BUT you don't have to know nothing about these files. This is only an irrelevant technical description. You have this INI-EDITOR to take care of everything. FEATURES: - it won't let you to make mistakes (it includes a detection algorithm for inexistent file/path) - it offers help, instructions and tips to the user in a dynamic way - it doesn't need DLLs or other external files - it is really small - it is freeware - it doesn't need to be installed/uninstalled - it doesn't mess your registry or system with unneeded DLLs or other craps like this