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Troubleshooting - Basic Techniques V3 3.0

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Troubleshooting Basic Techniques provides practical information on troubleshooting techniques including the following topics: Troubleshooting Safety, A Systematic Approach to Troubleshooting, and Basic Testing Techniques.

98 / 2k / XP
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With this program you dont just read about troubleshooting you actually get to troubleshoot electrical faults. Included is a highly realistic simulation of a lighting circuit with 20 actual faults to solve.

This simulation allows you to operate the circuit, take meter readings, remove wires, replace components and other troubleshooting activities. The program also contains a section where an expert guides you through sample faults as well as a complete scoring system to measure your success. Version 3 of this program has been totally rewritten. It includes additional content, improved user interface, new scoring and evaluation system, enhanced reporting, improved simulation tools, additional simulation faults, new installer.


The unregistered version allows you to retry faults once the program has been completed. This provides you with additional practice to further enhance your troubleshooting skills.