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CalendArmonico 4

file size: 10.06 MB

This program is intended to let you create six models of calendar:

Three Classic Calendars featuring: - a pictorial cover with a customized text.

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- the Monthly Calendar has twelve pages, one per month. - the Bimonthly Calendar has six pages, one every two months. - the Quarterly Calendar has four pages, one every three months. - each page with a picture of your choice. - a title can be added to each photo. - each day can have a specific note (e.g. birthdays, personal reminders...)

The Cube Calendar featuring: - two cubes with one picture of your choice for each side - the program lets you create two sheets of paper ready to be cut and assembled (see the picture)

The CD Calendar featuring: - the program lets you create thirteen sheets that fit perfectly in a jewel case (the plastic box for holding a CD) plastic CD box - one sheet is the cover, the other twelve are one for each month - the final result looks like a CD box, but when you reassemble the jewel case turning the plastic cover 360, you can display the calendar on any flat surface (see the example in the picture).

The Annual Calendar: - it’s a basic single page annual calendar with one picture of your choice

Special multilingual features: - five standard languages to choose from to create your calendar: Italian, English, French, Spanish, Portuguese. - instructions to add five more languages or even dialects of your choice with simple guided steps. These will become permanently available for calendar production.