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SpeakToText Speech Recognition 2.51

file size: 63.91 MB

With SpeakToText Version 2.51, you can dictate text directly into other applications, recognize audio files you create, have you computer read text to you, and create your own speech commands.

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30 Days
2k / XP / Vista
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Use the SpeakToText Advanced Mode to dictate directly into other applications and switch between windows with a simple mouse click. The "User Commands" feature lets you create your own speech commands to start programs, open files, browse WebPages, play music and much more. You can even give your computer personality by making it talk back to you. Use the send message feature to chat hands-free with most popular chat programs, and write and send emails in Outlook, Outlook Express and Netscape 7.2. New features include and "auto send" feature for sending transcripts of your voice chat communications; and enhanced "text-to-speech" that reads your documents, emails, and Web pages with a single speech command. This latest release also comes with CoolInfo 1.1 Voice Recognition, a free speech recognition utility by CoolSoft that lets you get information from the Internet entirely by speech.