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Password Repository 2.4.2

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Password Repository let users store and manage all their passwords inside a protected document using a master and details view.

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10 Days

Password Repository shows data in a table view and let the user order items by any columns with just a click. It uses categories with custom color labels to help store passwords in structured and smart way. Any content is searchable using category and search field with data displayed as-you-type. Export and import of data via text files. It manages an unlimited number of documents with unlimited number of passwords. It can open a default document at startup with most used passwords. Data are saved on disk automatically encrypted using Blowfish algorithm and are unreadable without opening them with the right password. The owner of the data is totally safe in case the computer is lost and there is a serious risk related to the content of the data (bank account passwords and so on) because all the content inside Password Repository documents is strong encrypted by default and no one can access it without the right password. Password Repository was tought to be simple, stable, effective and reliable, a tool the user can trust.