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Aurora XAML Designer for .NET 3.0 V2.0

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Aurora is an adaptable .NET 3.0-based graphics authoring tool that generates XAML documents.

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XP / 2003 / Vista
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It can be used as a graphic design program for drawing, painting and customizing unique designs or as a development tool to create user interfaces for Windows and Web applications that engage end users and enliven their desktop experience. Aurora�s flexibility allows you to choose whether you want it to run stand-alone, embedded in your own .NET application or integrated with Visual Studio 2005.

Every XAML document in Aurora is built using a series of layers. This system of layering provides you the freedom to create, embellish and transform designs and controls within various layouts. Aurora displays an always-accessible Document Tree, a visual layer-by-layer map of your document, which lets you access and edit specific layers of your XAML document without changing the entire design or application. The XAML produced by Aurora is compatible with Visual Studio .NET 3.0 applications for the desktop and Web.


* Uses XAML as its native format and allows for viewing/manual editing of XAML source * Has a full Object Model, for the addition of custom tabs, icons and interaction with the design process * Features a plugin architecture, which allows for third-party plugins to further customize and extend its functionality * Can embed its authoring engine, a WPF DockPanel, into a third-party .NET or WinForms application * Imports and edits XAML documents from Visual Studio 2005 � Aurora can also open and edit loose XAML files � or embeds directly into Visual Studio * Visually authors resolution-independent 2D vector-based graphics and animation * Visually authors 3D content and limited 3D animation * Designs common and custom controls, and allows for the visual creation and modification of simple styles and control templates (and samples) * Assists in the creation of pages for Windows applications in Internet Explorer (.xbap) * Is ink-enabled for freehand drawing with a stylus * Develops flow documents with resolution-independent text * Customizes the workspace � Aurora�s panel system can be changed to accommodate an individual�s workflow preference and allows for multiple open XAML documents * Data binds any property of an object to that of another element in a XAML document or to an external data source * Searches for, and visually locates, individual objects in large XAML documents * Pans, Internet Explorer-style, multi-directionally through large documents * Utilizes a magnifying tool to enlarge any portion of a XAML document up to 20x without resolution loss * Designs and saves custom brushes * Stores clipart galleries of XAML documents for reuse or alteration * Exports to raster and imports DirectX