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Tank-o-Box 1.2

file size: 7.30 MB

Operate the tank and protect your headquarters from the formidable enemy while enduring 55 tank battles that unfold on the imaginary writing-desk between amusing kid's sketches and office stationery.

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Trial Period:
60 Minutes

Completing the assignment will not be an easy job as you have to resist the deadly onslaught of 8 different types of tanks and armored vehicles that turn your desk into another Stalingrad. Your survival technique will be to take advantage of the terrain and maneuver between numerous natural and artificial obstacles while preparing for the next gunshot.

Along the way, you must collect bonuses ranging from Enemy Freeze and Air Strike to Tank Upgrade and Extra Life as they can significantly increase your survival chances. You can choose single player or play co-op multiplayer with a friend as you march and fight together against the enemy. The game supports active response joysticks and other feed-back equipment.