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PSP Shuffle 1.1

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Automatically fill your PSP with photos, music and videos from the directories on your computer with PSP Shuffle.

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2k / XP
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After initial setup, you can load your PSP with media with just one mouse click.

Features include the following: Shuffle photos, music and video all at once with one mouse click; percentage-based system allows for more of one media type and less of another; the program automatically remembers shuffling preferences and media locations; it automatically leaves at least 2MB free on memory stick for games saves; automatic discovery of connected PSP or PSP formatted memory stick; file information indexed for storage and retrieval; indexing service automatically monitors your media directories and adds or removes file information to the index as it changes; optionally retain original music and photo directory structures; shuffle all five supported music file types, or just one; user defines amount of space to leave free on memory stick.