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JaxCam Web Monitoring 3.0

file size: 7.95 MB

JaxCam Web Monitoring is a powerful multiple channel video surveillance system for monitoring events over the Internet.

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XP / 2003
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Its built-in Web server broadcasts live video and images over the Internet. It also has a built-in media player so you can review all video records within the same software. You can turn your home PC and USB Webcam into advanced digital surveillance system, without the need to purchase any expensive hardware equipment.

JaxCam Web Monitoring is simple to use and yet powerful in features. It enables you to manage almost unlimited cameras at once by receiving and encoding the video feeds in real-time. You can configure the program to detect motion in the monitored area, send off alarms, upload captured video in an array of methods such as email and FTP, and monitor video or live images using the Web browser. Live images broadcasting is useful to get around client-side firewall problems. No separate download of broadcasting client is required.