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Digital Dream Studio V2 2.0

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Edit images with Digital Dream Studio V2, software allowing multiple layers and supporting plug-ins.

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It offers over 50 blending modes and it allows users to create more of their own. Among the effects that can be applied: textures, blurs, convolution, gradients and text rendering. Also, it has a non-linear history, which allows overlaying the new state of a layer onto its old state, using opacity and blending settings. Image retouch features include: SUSAN (adaptive filter for noise), Edge Enhance (adaptive sharpening filter) and JPEG Repair (removes artifacts from JPEG). Four plug-ins are already included in the installation package: Mapping (for distorting images, using several predefined or user-defined mathematical methods), Dynamic Mapping (similar to Liquefy, but with far more options), Fractal (renders various Julia and Mandelbrot fractals) and PDE (Partial Differential Equations are simulated using the RGB channels of an image).