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Irrevocable Power-Off 2.2

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Irrevocable Power-Off is an utility to shutdown your computer, but designed to be used in your daily work (or a videogame-play):

Before starting with your computer activity decide when you want to finish.

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NT / 2k / XP
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No matter what happens: you want to finish on time because you have to do other things in your life. Then you can use "Irrevocable Power-Off" to set yourself a deadline to finish your computer work. This will make you to organize better (and even be more productive). If you have not finished on time, it will power-off your computer and make easier to reconnect you to reality and say: "ok, that's enough, I'll finish tomorrow".

The main technique differences between this utility and other similar ones are:

- Irrevocable Power-Off doesn't keep resident in memory during the countdown, it uses a system counter that cannot be terminated.

- You cannot kill the counter process with "Task Administrator" because it uses "Winlogon.exe" process wich is a "critical system process".