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Create Timeline 1.3.247

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Creates precision visual Timelines with embedded content for additional event detail.

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15 Days
2k / XP
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Time Zoom allows different time periods within the master timeline to be saved as a View. This feature creates multi-layered timeline with overviews which can be supported by a number of time zoomed close ups or selected events giving depth and richness to a timeline whilst retaining simplicity.

Timelines can be created in Calendar Dates / BC and AD Years / Days / Hours with few or hundreds of events per Timeline.

Timelines can be merged together, text data can be exported to MS Word, the Timeline image can be printed, saved or exported.

Create Timeline Advanced has two way data transfer with MS Excel; data from Excel spreadsheets can be imported to be converted into a timeline, or timeline data can be exported into Excel.

Events are positioned accurately on the timeline display, which can be customised with titles, colour coding and grouping of data.

Timelines can be complicated or simple, but however simple your timeline showing everything all the time is rarely ideal. Embedding information and offering different Views, with click through to photographs, drawings and text allows description of each event in detail, creating timelines not only for attractive visual display but an encyclopaedic-style database for use as a reference tool.

Fully functionality Trial with times out after fixed period.