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EasyProjectPlan (Excel Project Plan) 11.7

file size: 626.09 KB

- Synchronize Excel tasks with Microsoft Project, Outlook Tasks and Outlook Calendar.

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98 / NT / 2k / Me / XP

- Track project tasks, action items, issues, bugs, defects, risks, change requests.

- Create Gantt Charts directly from Excel Microsoft Project NOT required.

- Automatically assign and send Outlook tasks and calendar appointments.

- Merge EasyProjectPlan� data with Microsoft Project and maintain Dependency/Predecessor/Successor links.

- Merge multiple EasyProjectPlan� files into a single master file.

- Import Microsoft Project tasks with UNLIMITED number of levels into EasyProjectPlan�.

- TIME support for Start and Finish dates.

- Supports Import/Export for any 3rd party product including Project Viewers.

- Group tasks by project plan hierarchy - collapse and expand task groups.

- Email task information directly from the spreadsheet.

- UK date formatting (dd/mm/yy) is automatically detected and set on open.

- EasyProjectPlan� file is only 2MB (the entire project plan can be emailed as a single 2MB file attachment).

- Track changes on the spreadsheet.

- Advanced version control features.

- Designed by a certified Project Manager.