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YourBestCatalog 0.92.22

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Video Catalog for your movies, documentaries and series.

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2k / XP
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Organize them using next features: - Easy Massive Import from files: Introduce your DVD media and import all your movie files to Catalog automatically (including video and audio codecs used) - Easy Import of Movie data from Internet: Get all movie fields and covers from different Internet online databases (IMDB, FilmAffinity, Culturalia and many more as soon as possible) - Powerful different ways to navigate and group your movie collection: list, tree grouped by (multilevel) and covers grouped by (multilevel) and 3 tabs of useful info per movie - Extra customizable custom fields - Based in Regular Expressions: Every Import function is based in regular expressions, without needed of programming or scripting to change importing way. Very powerful and easy customizable with a regular expressions editor help included - Play your movies right from this media center - Filters: by letter, advanced filter and documentaries, series and watched - Import from Ant Movie Catalog and CSV files - Multilanguage: English and spanish available at the moment - Multidocument environment: Open as many movies as you need at same time in multiple independent windows - Reports in PDF format - Help file available - XP styles - Reports in PDF format: list & covers, both customizables - Improving and fixing everyday, visit our forums to cooperate