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K1 1.0.6

file size: 1.11 MB

K1 is a system utility for Windows XP and Windows 2003.

Published by:
XP / 95

It retrieves a detailed list about your operating system and hardware informations. K1 has also some options to manage your computer:

- Shutdown, reboot, hibernate, stand by, log-off or lock computer. - Manage services. - Change Windows elements color. - Manage processes. - Backup NT drivers. - Registry tweaker (optimize registry + services). - KCleaner (delete cookies, temporary Internet files, recent documents, empty recycle bin, typed URLs from the adress bar of IE, Windows temporary files and clean Prefetch folder. - A password generator. - A shortcut maker. - A "Quick-Launch" accessible from the systray. - Manage screen saver. - Turn off monitor. - Show/Hide Windows's elements (systray, traywnd, start up button, desktop). - Disconnect from Internet. - Search on Internet (Google/Yahoo) or on your computer (accessible from the systray). - Network tools via http link.

Lastly you can save or send by e-mail informations retrieved by K1 and save K1's screen shots.