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FaceFun 2006

file size: 7.97 MB

Transform parts of a person's face in a photograph with FaceFun 2006.

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Trial Period:
5 days, 20 uses, and 5 saves
NT / 2k / XP / 2003
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The transformable features include the forehead, eyes, cheek bones, nose, mouth and chin. You can save the resulting image in JPEG format.

The program features AutoWarp: the buttons along the top will let you modify each of the facial features, and you can make each feature bigger, smaller or move it up or down. Clicking will change the feature successively more in the direction that you want. CustomizedWarp puts you in control to do fine tuning for each of the facial features in your photos. After you select the feature you want to morph you will see slider bars below your original image that go from -100% to +100%. By moving the slider bar you can shrink or grow the feature across a wide range. ProfileWarp lets you see how your photo appears in a number of preset profiles, and you can create your own profiles too. Interested in seeing how the person would look like as an alien? Just click on the alien profile and see the result. You can modify the preset profiles to suit your taste, and can create your own profiles.